Danh mục hàng hóa có khuyết tật

Trong Khối Asean

STT Thông tin hàng hóa Tên doanh nghiệp Số lượng hàng hóa bị ảnh hưởng Lý do thu hồi hàng hóa


Audi A6 (Produced from 01/01/2009-01/12/2011) Audi 103 Recalling Audi A6 cars to replace the front seat airbags for affected vehicles


Audi A7, Audi A8, Audi Q7 (produced from 2013-2018) Audi 182 Recalling Audi A7, A8, Q7 vehicles to replace fuel system low pressure piping for affected vehicles


Audi Q5 (produced 07/2018-03/2019) Audi 21 Recall Audi Q5 to inspect and replace (if necessary) the main brake cylinder for affected vehicles


Audi Q5 (produced 07/2015-12/2018) Audi 566 Recalled Audi Q5 to reinforce the fenders for affected vehicles


Audi Q3 (produced 06/2017-07/2017) Audi 25 update power board controller software for affected vehicles


Audi Q5 (produced 01/2017-08/2019) Audi 618 Recall the Audi Q5 to replace the rear wheel fender fixing screw on the body of the affected vehicle


Audi Q7 Audi 3 Recall Audi Q7 vehicle to check the tightening bolts between the steering shaft and steering mechanism for affected vehicles


Kawasaki Ninja Motor Kawasaki 19 Recalling Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R motorcycle (ZXT002E) to update the ECU electronic control software and replace the air intake valves on the affected vehicles


Audi A3 SED 1.8 Audi 69 Recalled Audi A3 car for inspection and replacement of the hydraulic gearbox's accumulator cover for affected vehicles


Mitsubishi Pajero Mitsubishi 202 Recall Mitsubishi Pajero Cars to replace right front lower swingarm on affected vvehicles